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With our wide variety of IT services and solutions, MDS will help you do more with your business


Reduce costs, avoid technology downtime and streamline business workflows with MDS technical services

Say Goodbye to your Tech Nightmares


Extend Your IT Team

MDS works with your existing IT, and acts as a guiding hand when assistance is needed and upgrades are made. We can cover the complex, while they focus on their responsibilities.


Utilize Our Knowlege and Resources

Like technology, our team is constantly evolving and changing. No matter how complicated the infrastructure, MDS has an expert ready to deploy a new solution that is right for you.

Cut The Costs

MDS functions as your go-to IT solution. We can reduce your IT costs and fully manage your IT infrastructure allowing you to focus on your business.

Ransomware Removal Kit

Decrypt your files using the latest decryption tools and ransomware prevention techniques

Cut the Cord with Your Desk

Never be tied to your desk again - collaborate anytime, anywhere, using the latest unified technologies


Explore DFS & GDPR Compliance solutions.

Experience AWS

Reach for the clouds and see the difference with Amazon Web Services

MDS Partner Spotlight: BrainStorm

Transform the way you use Microsoft Tools with BrainStorm QuickHelp! BrainStorm uses fun and innovative gamification tools to train users on how to best leverage the Microsoft 365 Suite of products. Choose from hundreds of training courses to help user adaptation. Get started today!

MDS Blog - Trending Now

End of Life: Dates You Should Remember

The 4 phases of End of Life/End of Support and key dates you should remember for your Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and HP products.

Breaching News: Week of 10/26/2018

Another week, another (couple of) breachings. Data security is becoming more critical than ever. It’s high time businesses start paying special attention to their current security and infrastructure.

Data Governance & Regulatory Compliance Panel Discussion

MDS held our first Annual Cybersecurity Techxpo on October 23, 2018. We discussed data governance questions relating to the financial sector, the technological hurdles that businesses face, and the legal component when it comes to becoming compliant.

Breaching News: Week of 10/19/2018

This week, alongside with news about political hackings and breaches, we are exploring IoT vulnerabilities and some cybersecurity training and practice tips.

Cybersecurity On Wheels: IBM’s Latest Venture

IBM announced the industry’s first mobile Security Operations Center, capable of traveling onsite for cybersecurity training, preparedness, and response.

Breaching News: Week of 10/12/18

Your weekly breaching news. This week, we explore breaches and vulnerabilities that impacted Google, Microsoft, Adobe and many more.

5 Ways to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

Here are some quick tips and tricks for you and your team to prevent social engineering attacks.

Are you under attack? Social engineering, explained.

Explore the most common types of social engineering attacks, and see if you are vulnerable.

Five Steps to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Your business could be walking a fine line between staying secured and becoming a victim of the latest attack.

So long Skype, and hello Teams!

In today's high-speed digital climate, it often feels like a new "life-changing" technology is released every other day. But how long is too long to hold off upgrading to the next cutting-edge solution? When it comes to Skype for Business Online,...

MDS Success Stories

GDPR Compliance Implementation

MDS assisted a leading global tech company in adopting and deploy Microsoft Win10 + EMS, leveraging Modern Management Techniques to meet the GDPR deadline and avoid the substantial fine.

Secure Multi-Server Full Cloud Migration

MDS assisted a multi-national energy company with a seamless migration of a multi-server, multi-tier, multi-geographic on-premises centric application into the Azure’s V2 platform.

Full Unified Communications Migration

Cisco’s comprehensive unified communication solution integrated messaging, voicemail and video collaboration into a single platform with one monthly bill with little downtime during the migration.

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About MDS

Maureen Data Systems is a IT services and solutions company committed to developing custom, streamlined solutions for customers to achieve their business objectives.

MDS structures its highly skilled engineers to align with how our customers consume technology—with one team responsible for infrastructure, another heading up productivity and applications, and a third committed to identity and security solutions.

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