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With our wide variety of IT services and solutions, MDS will help you do more with your business


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MDS works with your existing IT, and acts as a guiding hand when assistance is needed and upgrades are made. We can cover the complex, while they focus on their responsibilities.


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Like technology, our team is constantly evolving and changing. No matter how complicated the infrastructure, MDS has an expert ready to deploy a new solution that is right for you.


Cut The Costs

MDS functions as your go-to IT solution. We can reduce your IT costs and fully manage your IT infrastructure allowing you to focus on your business.

Remove Ransomware

Decrypt your files using the latest decryption tools and ransomware prevention techniques

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Upgrade your office and unlock a multitude of new applications and features

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MDS Blog - Trending Now

Is There Anybody Out There?

By Michael Fiorito, MDS Do you use an always-on voice assistant? Enjoy the benefits, but be cautious. Researchers have discovered a vulnerability in most of the major voice assistants. It affects every iPhone and Macbook running Siri, any Galaxy...
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A Touch of Evil

By Michael Fiorito, MDS Imagine if a criminal walked into a bank where 143 million people were waiting on line. Picture the criminal demanding their wallets - by gunpoint - obtaining credit card cards, driver’s licenses and other identifier...
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Please Put That On His Tab

By Michael Fiorito, MDS FIN6 is a cybercriminal group known for stealing and monetizing payment card data. They work in a very methodical manner, strategically acquiring bits of data over a period of time to gain access, compromise systems and...
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Artificially Intelligent Green Energy? Yes!

By Michael Fiorito, MDS Can artificial intelligence help compliment and possibly replace traditional fossil fuel energy sources? Researchers are now working to answer this increasingly relevant question. A true artificially-intelligent system is...
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How to meet GDPR in 5 Steps

How to meet gdpr in five steps —What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, will overhaul how businesses process and handle data. Coming into effect on May 25, 2018, GDPR will specifically target how businesses and the...
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We Are The Robots

By Michael Fiorito, MDS When I was in college in the 80s, I took a class called The Philosophy of Mind. We read books like "The Mind's I" and "Persons and Reasons" which featured writing on artificial intelligence, robots and consciousness. At that...
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Beam Me Up Scotty

By Michael Fiorito, MDS We're a long way off from teleporting people from Earth to Cygnus X-1, but a team of researchers in China sent a photon from the ground to an orbiting satellite more than 300 miles in space, exploiting a process known as...
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Should I build a million dollar wall around a two dollar asset?

By Michael Fiorito, MDS Why is a Risk Assessment important?  Some organizations have to do risk assessments to meet compliance requirements.  However, all organizations should identity their intellectual property assets and determine...
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To Wi-Fi or Not to Wi-Fi

By Michael Fiorito, MDS It is safe to use Public Wi-Fi Networks?  It’s safe to use public hotspots if you’re following best practices.  Ensure You're Secure: Public Wi-Fi Best Practices:  Visit encrypted websites only Make sure that...
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Don’t Be Long in the Tooth!

By Michael Fiorito, MDS The name Bluetooth comes from the 10th century Danish King Harald Blåtand or Harold Bluetooth in English. King Blåtand helped unite warring factions in parts of what are now Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Similarly, Bluetooth...
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Building out and maintaining your IT ecosystem doesn’t have to be a do-it-yourself project. MDS can help identify network issues, configure devices, and optimize your infrastructure to maximize efficiency and performance. Our consultants are highly trained technology specialists that understand the complexities of multi-vendor environments and have the knowledge and skills to help your business become more agile, customer-focused and operationally efficient.


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