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Drive User adoption in simple to follow short videos while keeping track of employee’s progress. BrainStorm uses fun and innovative gamification and analytics tools that gets end users excited about their progress.

100’s of Courses

Choose from hundreds of courses to help user adaptation the latest Microsoft products.

BrainStorm will help you maximize your users’ productivity when utilizing Microsoft end-user software including:
Windows, Office 365, Skype for Business, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, and CRM

Windows 10

Elevate your effectiveness and maximize the impact of your actions with Windows 10 magic.

Skype For Business

Communicate and collaborate with your team members no matter where they are.


Take advantage of collaborative team sites with SharePoint Online and get more done.


Connect across your company ​Discuss ideas, share updates, and crowdsource answers from coworkers around the globe.

Office 365

The power of the cloud comes to life in Office 365. Take your office wherever you go.

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate for your coworkers easier using a hub for all of your team needs.


Have an all-access pass to your work library anywhere, across all of your devices.

Dynamics CRM

Help maintain customer relationships, manage accounts and orders, and gain powerful business intelligence.

Become an expert

To see a return on your Microsoft investment, you need to do more than turn the software on. You need users to streamline their processes and embrace long-term change. We can help you do it.


An individual approach to organizational change

Customized Skill Paths based on user inputs.
Videos and events tailored to unique user needs.
Ability to upload proprietary content.


Learning that engages users from every angle.

Relevent communications to keep users engaged
Machine learning to surface relevent content right at your fingertips
Gamification to help users stay compeditive professionally.


A long term solutions for changing habbits and additudes

Productivity focused content to keep you learning the right stuff.
Deep insights into user behavior via that Analytic Dashboard
Content surfaces based on evolving needs.

“The BrainStorm QuickHelp program has helped countless organizaions see increased useage of Microsoft Products.”

“The people who use BrainStorm really have the confidence to understand what they have and how it impacts their business to make it better and make their jobs easier. BrainStorm helps ease everyone though the transision process.”
David Ma, Director of Product Marketing of O365,

Free Courses

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Premium Courses

Sign up for a full access 30-day trial to the BrainStorm QuickHelp portal for your entier organizaion and see for yourself how useful it can be.

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