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Transform the way users interact with their Microsoft tools to help unique users change their habits and do better work faster.

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Browse the Library of hundreds of online videos and tutorials around all dozens of microsoft products.

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Easy to follow video tutorials from basic application training to advanced administration management.


Keep your workforce on their toes and actively engaged by keeping track of their watched content and ranking them via a gamification.

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New content is added on a weekly basis as well as the ability to upload your own content from your organizaion or from any youtube channel.

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Access the learning portal though multiple platforms by utilizing its SaaS platform. Start on your desktop and then pick up where you left off on your desktop.

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Build a company community were people can collaberate on forums, ask questions, and learn together.

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Become an expert at your own pace. No longer waste money and time on employee training sessions. Discover and embrace a personalized education that lets end users learn at their own pace.

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