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Additional Services

MDS offers additional support, documentation, security services and knowledge transfer workshops. Simply choose what you need at check out.


MDS has a selection of the latest hardware technology. Looking for a new laptop, wifi router or headset? Your next upgrade is just a click away.

Our Satisfied Customers

Jason, from the Infrastructure and Security practice, set up and configured a Cisco firewall and Intrusion Detection System at our NY data center and recently updated all the components in advance of a third-party security assessment which took place this November. He’s been instrumental in my firm receiving solid positive scan results.
Senior Network Manager at a leading national nonprofit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our service offerings? You might be able to find the answer here.

What are you selling online?

MDS offers pre-canned, packaged offerings by our seasoned engineers as well as our hardware products online.

Can I purchase additional services with my package?

Absolutely! You can purchase the offerings and add additional services to your cart as you deem fit.

How soon after the purchase do you process your order?

We process orders within 3 business days.

Can I purchase hardware through your store?

At the moment, MDS is not offering hardware sales through our store. You can contact our sales representatives directly to purchase.

Have a more complex project? Drop us a line.
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