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What is Cognitive/Synapse?

Cognitive/Synapse is a professional service and implemented solution built on top of Microsoft Azure PaaS enterprise integration and data platform. The solution comprises of custom Azure Logic Apps, proprietary Python code, Cognitive Services, and an MDS configured integration to our customer’s line of business or SaaS solution.

Our innovation lies in the MDS proprietary codebase, experience, skill set, and resources to capture an enterprise’s native, in-house “tribal knowledge” to transform them into streamlined, automated document processing on the unified Microsoft cloud platform.

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Why Cognitive/Synapse?

Business can expect:

  • More efficent reporting
  • Increased productivity
  • Remote accessibility
  • Completely automated documentation
  • Secure and cloud-based solution

MDS will assist in establish automated workflows, extracting pertinent business information, input data, and utilize our proprietary content and processes to make implementing Cognitive/Synapse a breeze. Exisiting M365 and Azure licensing can be utilized to help with cost-savings.

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