Farming in the Cloud

By Michael Fiorito, MDS

Companies like Microsoft are working with organizations around the world to implement innovative sustainability programs. Close to home, I worked with NYC based Rainforest Alliance to pioneer a sustainability program that expands their business model.

Rainforest Alliance certifies cocoa, coffee, and tea farms that maintain sustainable practices. To meet the Rainforest Alliance Certification, a farm must demonstrate, for example, that their trees are grown under native canopies and that they use natural pest control over chemicals, among other best practices.

The Rainforest Alliance Certification system works, owing to their sophisticated cloud-based platform. Using a ecosystem of secure cloud technologies, Rainforest Alliance tracks and helps ensure that the agricultural products purchased along the supply chain from farm to table are responsibly and sustainably produced.

Go Green Go!

Rainforest Alliance is a not for profit organization but there is no doubt a lot of competition in the field. The benefits are realized by the farmers and their communities, helping them save money and produce better yields. Not to mention the ecological benefits all of our children will enjoy. For the complete article click here.

Rainforest Alliance is now piloting machine learning models to proactively audit their farms, manage risk and maintain the consistency of their supply chain.

As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless for organizations like Rainforest Alliance and others. 

The Azure cloud is the touchstone of all our data integration and integral to our Rainforest Alliance Certification System

Matthew Snyder:

Manager of Application Support, BI & Integration, Rainforest Alliance

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