How To Protect Yourself From the iPhone Source Code Leak


Source code for iBoot, one of the most critical iOS programs, was anonymously posted on GitHub.  

The Code actually leaked four months ago when a user shared a link on Reddit that was, at the time, automatically removed because of user posting requirements. Nevertheless, Copies of the iBoot source code are now being shared among jailbreaking aficionados via private file sharing sites, such as, and others. Despite Apple having had the code taken down from GitHub, new repositories containing copies of the leaked source code are popping up on GitHub once every few hours. The fact that this leaked code is just getting attention today, is a good thing. Most organizations would never allow their employees to work on unsecured laptops, but the idea of being hacked on a mobile device never crosses one’s mind, yet the bulk workload of most users has shifted to mobile devices. In order to be one step ahead of the hackers, users need to start treating their phones the same way they treated their laptops for the past 10 years and start adding mobile protection to their devices.

The code’s availability allows hackers to analyze and exploit its internal structure for installing malware.

The need for organizations to have mobile threat defense in place has never been more clear given the sophisticated string of attacks seen recently on both Android and iOS devices, perpetrated both by private organizations and nation states. Apple’s source code leak is just the beginning of attacks to come. Software vulnerabilities can exist across all layers of the mobile environment and they raise the risk that critical mobile software and hardware can be exploited by attackers to steal data and attack organizations. Lookout is the industry leader in mobile security, and if you don’t have any protection on your mobile device, then you are behind the curve.


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Despite the leak, some security experts don’t consider this to be an issue, as the iBoot source code has often been reverse-engineered as part of day-to-day bug hunting operations and scientific research. Inaccurate copies have always existed in the past years, and the entire attention the leak is getting might be blown out of proportion. Regardless it can’t hurt to be prepared for the inevitable. Mobile security should be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Stay one step ahead of the hackers and start looking into the best mobile security solutions out there. 

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