Microsoft Teams

Communicate at any moment and keep everyone in the loop.

Are you well equipped to face the future of intelligent communications? Meet the very platform suited for today’s diverse workforce.

Collaborate with teams, big or small, of 10 or 10,000 people. Easily hold audio, video, web conferences, or live events with absolutely everyone inside or outside your company.

Connectors to 3rd Party Services


Amazing Result

Learn how Microsoft Teams helps your team move forward together. Cost- effective features, game-changing tips, Microsoft 365 integration guide and much more!


Teams’ Microsoft Phone System packs with features that meet the demands of various organizations. Choose in setting up your business telephony so anyone can make and receive calls, locally or nationwide.


Let your staff use a progressive phone call setup that employs multi-functional, cloud-based telephony in Teams for a package-deal and secure calling experience.

Let your Telco Connect to Teams

Connect Existing telecom providers and numbers to Teams virtually anywhere for full-feature calling.

Keep your Phone Numbers

Enjoy rich calling experience in Teams using existing
phone numbers without revealing them.

Stay Felixible

Handle complex global calling requirements of large
multinational organizations with no effort necessary.

Deliver Reliability with Certification

Ensure Reliability for your cloud-calling deployment.
Microsoft certifies a highly select group of Session
Border Controller partners.

Qualified companies can participate in a Microsoft Teams Calling Workshop with MDS for no additional cost


Simplifies your staff to make and receive phone calls in Teams, offering various plans for various purposes based on call length at your convenience.

Let Microsoft be your Provider

Buy calling plans for supported countries and assign
them to people in the Microsoft 365 Teams admin

Port your Phone Numbers

Experience our flexibility as a provider. Port existing
numbers, request new numbers , or mix and match.

Deploy in the Cloud

Enable a fast. 100% cloud deployment with Microsoft as your sole provider.

Simplify Administration in the Cloud

Administer Calling Plans from around the world and
provide easy management and support fro m your IT

Microsoft Teams’ calling features minimizes costs and hardware usage empowering remote workers.




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