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Microsoft Teams features:

Microsoft's Three G's
  • Governance – Features like E-Discovery are added to ensure the applications are secure and meet various compliance requirements.
  • Graphs – Everything you do inside the Office 365 Suite is captured as a signal for content discovery across applications.
  • Groups – Create groups made up of internal or external users, and then collaborate with the same group and access products in the Office 365 Suite.

Teams is already a part of the Microsoft Group. Your data is accessible and condensed in Office 365’s centralized governance and management console.

Team’s deep Skype integration brings you video and voice capabilities plus a wide variety of modern visual communication tools that will help increase engagements.

Improved Meeting Experience with Scheduling Capabilities

Teams gives you a view of your scheduled meetings, the timing, the subject, and a list of other persons who’ll be attending.



About 24 bots with a variety of functionalities are available to help increase productivity.

  • T-Bot: Answering most basic and frequently asked questions about Teams
  • Polly Bot: Polling co-workers
  • Statsbot: Delivering scheduled reports via sources, such as Salesforce and Google Analytics
  • Growbot: Allowing the exchange of kudos with your co-workers

Bots Gallery



Teamwork Hub

Full depth and breadth of Office 365 including tools, such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Planner, OneNote, SharePoint, Delve, and Power BI.

Teamwork Hub

Mobile Audio and Video Calling

Available on both Android and iOS (audio only).

Highly Customizable

Teams gives you a platform with options for extensibility and open APIs with general availability.

Through the leveraging of Microsoft Exchange’s Connector model, Teams can provide you with updates and notifications from third-party services like GitHub and Twitter. With added support for Microsoft’s Bot Framework, your organization will be able to create and customize the applications and other intelligent services to integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Improved Security
  • Data is encrypted while in transit and at rest
  • Teams and all other Office 365 services meet compliance standards including ISO 27001, HIPAA. SOC 2 and the EU Model Clauses
  • Teams account is provisioned within Office 365 and managed via the Admin console

Microsoft to add two new Microsoft 365 security, compliance bundles to its line-up

Microsoft is adding new Microsoft 365 packages to its subscription-service roster, as well as expanding availability of its MyAnalytics ‘fitness tracker for work’ service.

Microsoft details the causes of recent MFA meltdown

Microsoft has posted a root cause analysis of the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) issue which hit a number of its customers worldwide last week.

Microsoft dethrones Apple to become most valuable US company

Microsoft has become the most valuable US company with $753.3 Billion in market capitalization

When will Microsoft end support for your version of Windows or Office?

“Set it and forget it” is no longer an option for the software that runs your business. For Windows 10, the support clock runs out sooner than you might expect. And the deadlines for Windows 7 and Office 2010 are just around the corner. Here’s what you need to know.

End of Life: Dates You Should Remember

The 4 phases of End of Life/End of Support and key dates you should remember for your Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and HP products.

So long Skype, and hello Teams!

In today's high-speed digital climate, it often feels like a new "life-changing" technology is released every other day. But how long is too long to hold off upgrading to the next cutting-edge solution? When it comes to Skype for Business Online, Microsoft is...

Skype calling is coming to Amazon’s Alexa devices

Microsoft and Amazon are continuing their close partnership by bringing Skype calling to Alexa. Devices like Amazon’s Echo range will be able to access Skype’s basic calling, and Alexa-powered hardware like the Echo Show will also include video calling support. You’ll...

Microsoft Investigates Fancy Bear

By Michael Fiorito, MDS According to Microsoft, a cyber attack suspect linked with the Russian intelligence service has reappeared in the months leading up to the U.S. midterm elections. Microsoft announced overnight that last week it executed a court order to disrupt...

Microsoft unveils Surface Go to take on iPad

The Go offers the look and feel of Microsoft’s larger Surface tablets in a 10-inch package that weighs just over a pound and costs $399. That’s half the cost of the cheapest Surface Pro tablet and comparable to Samsung’s 9.7-inch Galaxy Tab S2, but still $70 more than the 9.7-inch iPad.

Blockchain for Beginners: 5 Things You Should Know

2018 is the year of decentralized database. Cryptocurrency dominated the first half of this year, with bitcoin stopping short of $20,000 at its peak. But what about the technology behind bitcoin? What do we know about blockchain?

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