Microsoft 365

A Comprehensive Security & Regulatory Compliance Solution

Why choose Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is the most complete, intelligent solution yet, and includes Office 365 + Windows 10 + Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Microsoft 365 combines powerful tools and features into one integrated solution with built-in intelligent security. And when deployed correctly, M365 will streamline your compliance requirements, and ensure your organization is taking the necessary steps to become fully compliant. 

Learn How to Detect and Secure Personal Data with M365 (overview)

Ensure your company isn't penalized for non-compliance.

The EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensure safeguards are in place to help ensure individuals’ data is private and secure. The deadline to become GDPR complaint is May 25, 2015. Those who do not make the necessary steps to update their privacy and data management practices will receive a costly fine. The steps to become compliant can be broken down into 4 logical steps, in which various components of M365 can be utilized.

MDS Compliance Resources

GDPR Compliance: Gap Analysis Workshop

MDS and partner law firm BurgherGray to break down GDPR and what steps to take when becoming compliant.

How Prepared are You for GDPR?

Our GDPR Readiness Survey is an online, self-evaluation tool that will give you a letter grade of your organization’s GDPR readiness.

Step-By-Step GDPR Compliance Checklist

Better manage the necessary steps to become GPDR compliant by using this step-by-step breakdown as your guide.