Forget Your Password, Folks!

By Mike Fiorito, VP of Business Development at MDS

Due to email-based and password-based hacking being among the most common ways to penetrate a network’s security, companies like Microsoft have moved “beyond passwords.”

For instance, Microsoft employees use a variety of other options, including Windows Hello and the Authenticator app, which provide alternatives for logging in and accessing information, such as facial recognition and fingerprints.

Other tech giants are also trying to help clients reduce their dependence on passwords.

For instance, Google has been testing alternatives to passwords alone, like its USB key fobs which plug into customers’ computers and provide a second factor of authentication for logging in. Google said last year this method reduced successful phishing attempts against its own employees completely.

Cisco is also investing in a future beyond passwords, after acquiring dual-factor authentication start-up Duo last year.

Companies need to recognize that any business is vulnerable to cyber attacks nowadays, and implementing procedures that move away from passwords is an effective first step to staying secure.

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