Meet the GDPR Requirements

  • Identify high-risk items and provide a list of remediation
  • High-Level GDPR Gap Analysis report
  • High-level GDPR technical and technology Gap Analysis  

GDPR Discovery Assessment

Consult an MDS expert over a quick one hour discovery phone call to understand your organization’s journey towards compliance and be ready to take the next steps.

Data Mapping

Identify data that falls within the scope of GDPR through our custom assessment.

GDPR Gap Analysis

Conduct a GDPR control mapping exercise based on what is in place today, areas that need to be improved, and where new and additional GDPR controls need to be developed.

GDPR Plans and Pricing Packages

The 4 tiers of GDPR pre-packaged solutions allow your business to flourish both at home and in the EU, without all the hassel.

* Note: this is a base cost associated with the minimum package services offered. Price is subject to change according to the scope of work. 
These GDPR plans do not include the apps and services businesses need.


GDPR Consultation

MDS has both the technical expertise and the legal partnerships to assist in your business’ journey towards compliance . Give us a call now and let us get you on the right track.


DPO as a Service

By leveraging our managed services compliance practice, you can rest assured all compliance up-keep and management will be handled by our dedicated team through a no-hassle monthly managed service subscription.


See what our partners and customers say about MDS’ expertise with compliance.

By embracing the unique situations of their customers and adopting a holistic approach, Maureen Data is helping organizations across the world better understand how the GDPR and other regulations like HIPPA and DFS impact their businesses and how they can adopt a modern information security posture to address these concerns. By implementing Microsoft 365, Maureen Data puts these customers on a path to becoming fully compliant. Further, by backing these technology implementations up with legal counsel, Maureen Data ensures that its customers are fully aware of the steps they need to take across their organization to become compliant. Microsoft


The MDS project schedule prioritizes the GDPR deadline, but the overall effort roadmaps the Digital Transformation of our customer to leverage Microsoft’s vision for Modern Deployment and Management. A global technology distributor


MDS has a notch top team with your Executive team in Michael Trachtenberg, Joshua Lande, and John Ciaccio. I wanted to recognize and thank Jason Hribar for his hard work and dedication during the GDPR 6 week sprint. Lastly, I would like to especially recognize Ash Marcos for his overall exemplary excellence in service during the GDPR sprint. I want you to know you have an exceptional employee managing your Cyber Security division. Ash’s professionalism, vast knowledge base, and patient demeanor was vital during the GDPR project. If the quality of a firm’s employees is an indication of future success, then MDS has a very bright future. Thank you all for the opportunity and we look forward to the next security phase with MDS. A global animal health and mineral nutrition company


Ready to embark on your journey towards compliance?

Feel free to drop us a line anytime, and an expert at MDS will get back to you asap.

About MDS

Maureen Data Systems (MDS) is an IT services and solutions company committed to developing custom, streamlined solutions for customers to achieve their business objectives.

MDS structures its highly skilled engineers to align with how our customers consume technology -- with one team responsible for infrastructure, another heading up productivity and applications, and a third committed to identity and security solutions.

Whether you are buying a server or implementing a global hybrid cloud system, MDS will find the right IT solution for your business.

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