Secure Monitoring & Support Managed Services Implementation


MDS deployed a professional services & staffing company to our Monitoring Managed Service.

The Challenge

The client had requested for a Professional Security Advisory and Security-as-a-Service solution to assist in increasing the security posture of their organization. By partnering with MDS they were looking for us to help stop cyberthreats, identify points of failure in existing systems, close pathways of attack, remediate vulnerabilities to reduce risk, and meet compliance requirements.


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The Solution

We were able to implement the MDS Cybersecurity Services and Solutions offering and Cybersecurity Roadmap. The scope of this engagement was to assist the client in designing, implementing, and integrating the MDS annual security advisory service as well as security operational management. MDS assisted in implementing:

  • A Security Program Strategy to align information security policy and strategy with business goals.
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management to uncover and remediate flaws and vulnerabilities in their security systems.
  • Enterprise Risk and Compliance to better understand risk through an IT risk assessment and make informed decisions about how to manage it.
  • Security Architecture, Governance, and Implementation to help the client make decisions about the right technology, architecture, and projects to ensure enterprise and network security standards.
  • Enterprise Incident Management to improve response to unauthorized intrusion attacks.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) to design, implement, and test IAM systems that better enable business processes.
  • Data security and governance to protect critical information.
  • Education and Awareness to promote behavior that can improve security and reduce risk.
  • Managed Security Services to provide your team with turnkey security solutions.
  • Azure Sentinel for threat hunting and advanced threat intelligence analytics.

The Result

By implementing the above technologies and techniques, the client was able to feel confident in their security posture. With the deployment of Azure Sentinel within their environment, the client can automate the process of monitoring security events in order to detect, alert, and respond quickly. The MDS MSP team was able to prioritize and optimize the security resources and investments of the client, ensuring that they have a cost-effective and secure framework in place. 

The MDS secure monitoring managed service is now helping the client continuously monitor their environment for vulnerabilities on the clean, deep, and dark web. They now have tailored threat intelligence, action plans, and remediation guidance. 

We are very impressed and satisfied by the MSP team and their focus on Azure Sentinel. The team was able to complete the project in a reasonable timeframe which has eliminated the stress of a potential cybersecurity attack. 

IT Manager

Professional Services & Staffing Client