Security Awareness Training & Stimulated Phishing

Helping you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering

Maureen Data Systems (MDS) offers customized training that can meet your organization’s needs. With 95% of security incidents involving human error, businesses can improve their security posture by implementing a continuous security awareness training policy. Users who can successfully learn security awareness can decrease the risk of phishing attacks. At MDS, we recommend every company and every user participate in ongoing training.

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The MDS Methodology: A Four-Step Process

MDS proposes a multi-phase, comprehensive approach to develop a security awareness program followed by hands-on training of users.

Phase 1:

Discovery & Planning

  • Establish requirements
  • Gather user information
  • Establish training materials
  • Plan and schedule out project
  • Pre-training testing to set baseline

Phase 2:

Training Developement

  • Develop training program and schedule
  • Develop campaigns (identity, email, and data)
  • Test and validate training and campaign
  • Present for feedback and approval from managment

Phase 3:

User Training

  • Execute program and campaigns to executive users, high risk users, potential targeted users, general users, and IT administrators

Phase 4:


  • Deliver and review user awareness reports
  • Deliver and review user campaign reports
  • Develop any recommendations or remediation plan

Our Security Awareness Training Partners

MDS can help your team understand your options and choose the partner that best meets your company’s needs.


KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks.


Proofpoint is the leading cybersecurity company that protects organization’s greatest assets and biggest risks: their people.

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Tips for being a secure users

  • Report any suspicious messages to your security team
  • THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK! You can always hover over the URL
  • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Never hand over your passwords, usernames, or personal information
  • Keep your anti-virus software updated
  • Secure your home WiFi network
  • Make sure your passwords are strong and unique
  • Ask your security team if you’re not sure They are here to help

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