Shelter from the Storm

By Michael Fiorito, MDS

Some organizations plan for the unknown, implementing disaster recovery solutions that help them ensure business uptime. In addition to providing business continuity, these organizations can also accelerate the roll-out of new customer services by using virtualization technologies.

In 2008, Hurricane Ike passed through Houston and its surrounding areas.
Prior to the hurricane, Woodforest National Bank migrated all customer-facing applications to a disaster recovery site, using Zerto Virtual Replication solutions.

And though their primary data center lost power and remained on generator power for 10 days after the storm ended, Woodforest’s critical applications remained up the entire time. Visit encrypted websites only

After that experience, Woodforest transitioned from disaster recovery to disaster avoidance preparedness.

Each June, all production applications are pre-emptively “failed-over” to a secondary site, with a return to the primary site by mid- to late-October, avoiding the hurricane season. If a hurricane strikes the area, all of the systems are already protected.


In addition, their go-to-market time for new applications and customer services has been dramatically improved, adding to their bottom line.

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