Spectrum of Risk & Mobile Security

By Jen Nguyen, MDS

Is your corporate data safe with employees accessing it from public networks?

As your business moves into the digital age, employees are working on-the-go. Employees are accessing your organization’s sensitive data at coffee shops, hotel rooms, airports at their convenience. Giving your employees mobility drives up productivity.

However, everything comes with a cost. Your corporate data are now traversing in networks you have no control over. Despite all the investment you’ve made to secure your perimeter, your data is still at risk. As threats to enterprise mobility continue to intensify, mobile security is evolving quickly.

Does the mash-up of current options – including Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), mobile device management, and mobile app reputation – really allow you to protect your company from the full spectrum of mobile risks?

Luckily, there are ways to find out if your effort is enough to keep your organization safe. Lookout, a Silicon Valley-based mobile security start up, released a video to discuss how to secure the mobile enterprise – Spectrum of Risk.

Head over and learn how to identify prevalent vectors of attack and components of mobile risks, best practices for enabling an improved mobile security strategy, what options are available for complete protection of your enterprise mobile data, and more!


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