What Skype for Business Can Do for You, Today.

By Michael Fiorito, MDS

The new company model is distributed and dynamic. To be the next Facebook, for example, we’ve must allow our organizations to adopt secure mobility solutions.

Your company likely has many locations - probably around the world. Some people work in the corporate HQ, some work at smaller offices, some work at clients and others might work at home.

Imagine a tool that allows users anywhere - on any device - to share screens, make voice and video calls - with employees inside and outside of the organization.  Whether you’re at your desk or traveling, you can receive instant messages on your corporate network.  

You can escalate those instant messages to a live phone conversation.  

You can then further escalate that conversation to a desktop sharing session - and invite other resources in remote locations into your call.

You can do this all securely.

Did you want to record that desktop sharing session for training purposes?


Introducting Skype for Business:
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You can do this today using Skype for Business.

Integrated into Outlook and the entire Office 365 Suite, it makes for a very consistent experience. Users can join a Skype for Business meeting via a landline, a Windows phone, an iPhone, tablet, or connect via a Polycom HD conference room device, smoothly.

According to Tim Campos, the CIO of Facebook “our mission is clear. Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Over 13,000 Facebook employees wake up committed to making this mission a reality for the more than 1 billion people who use Facebook every day.”

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If your network is getting long in the tooth, maybe it's time to reach for the clouds

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