WannaCry 2.0: New and Improved

WannaCry loses the kill switch.


MAY, 2017

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WannaCry Ransomware:

Recap: Last week a new form of ransomware hit the market, crippling hundreds of thousands of systems in over a hundred countries. WannaCry was temporarily halted when a 22 year old cyber security researcher, living with his parents, accidentally stumbled across a kill switch. Shortly after his discovery, new variants of the ransomware rapidly emerged. WannaCry 2.0 is one of many variants that are already infecting systems worldwide. 

Source: NyTimes

 …new mutations are being discovered

Similar to the way bacteria and viruses mutate to evade its host defenses, Ransomware also evades its hosts defenses. According to researchers at Heimdal Security, new variations of the ransomware bearing the name Uiwix have popped up unaffected by the kill switch. To protect yourself against these new types of variants there is not just one solution. I have listed a few solutions below to five you a library of tools to protect yourself before and after an attack.

“New WannaCry Variants Are Emerging” 

For now, the new variant is still exploiting the same tool that windows deployed a patch for in march. They also released an update for older versions of windows here. So if you have all the latest windows updates you should be protected from this particular strain. Although this patch exists, there are still hundreds of others types of ransomware that are not protected from windows updates alone. 


Above is a video of a live WannaCry ransomware attack in action. Do not become a statistic. There are multiple measures you can take to prevent your business from falling victim to ransomware. Speak to our security experts today to see how you can make sure you and your team never have to experience ransomware.

Marc Lande
Ransomware Superhero


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