What Is Ransomware?

The Rise Of Ransomware


APRIL, 2017

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Ransomware, A Plain and Simple Definition:

Ransomware is malware that locks your files and applications to prevent you from using or accessing your data until you pay a ransom. Payments are usually made in the form of bitcoin as to not be traced.

Ransomware is expected to be a four billion dollar industry by 2018.

 …Ransomware is growing at an alarming rate

The rate at which ransomware is on the rise is astronomical. Reports of ransomware attacks attempted rose from 3.2 million in 2015 to 638 million in 2016. That’s an increase of more then 167 times the number of attacked in 2015.

…companies pay billions

According to a study by IBM, 70 percent of business victims paid the hackers to get their data back. In the last year a Hollywood hospital was forced to pay $17,000 in bitcoin to retrieve its data. There are hundreds of attacks that are kept secret, but the companies are paying. Ransomware became a billion dollar industry in 2016 and is expected to become a four billion dollar industry by the end of 2018.

“Ransomware is expected to become a four billion dollar industry by the end of 2018”

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Increase In Attacks

…Is there no solution?

Once you are hit with ransomware, without a back-up or the right tools in place you are typically forced to pay the hackers; and with a seventy percent success rate, these attacks are only maturing and evolving at an alarming rate. There are multiple tools that exist to decrypt ransomware (see the below form to view them). While some of these tools work, most of them do not. The key is to have the right protection in place before an attack. To figure out what tools work best for your industry and infrastcuture, a comprehensive security assessment on your current systems should be completed. After an assesment, depending on your operational needs, specific security solotuions from the companies listed on the left can be implemented. These are the leading industry experts on preventing ransomware attacks and ensuring your virtual environment is protected. View our free Ransomware Decryption Tools for all known variants of Ransomware. 

Ransomware Decryption Tools

Above is a video of a live ransomware attack in action. Do not become a statistic. There are multiple measures you can take to prevent your business from falling victim to ransomware. Speak to our security experts today to see how you can make sure you and your team never have to experience ransomware.

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